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ETF News and Commentary: Archive

Sweta Killa

Apple ETFs in Focus Post iPhone 14 Launch

At its annual California launch event, Apple (APPL) unveiled the iPhone 14 series smartphones with four new model.

AAPLNegative Net Change XLKNegative Net Change FTECNegative Net Change IYWPositive Net Change VGTPositive Net Change IWYNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Dollar ETF (USDU) Hits New 52-Week High

This dollar ETF hits a new 52-week high. Are more gains in store for this ETF?

USDUPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

JPMorgan Sees S&P 500 at 4,800: ETFs to Tap

According to JPMorgan, there's still more upside ahead in the S&P 500 and the index could reach 4,800 in the next 2-3 months.

SPYPositive Net Change SPXLPositive Net Change UPROPositive Net Change SSOPositive Net Change VOOPositive Net Change SPYDPositive Net Change IVVPositive Net Change SPYGPositive Net Change SPYVPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Turkey ETF (TUR) Hits New 52-Week High

the Turkey ETF hit a 52-week high lately. Can it soar higher?

TURPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

5 Sector ETFs That Show Promise After August Jobs Data

The U.S. economy added 315,000 jobs in August of 2022, slightly below the Dow Jones estimate.

XLINegative Net Change XLVPositive Net Change XRTNegative Net Change XMENegative Net Change PEJNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Short Rate-Sensitive Sectors With These ETFs

When interest rates rise, the sectors, known for the income they generate, fall out of favor as investors gain similar levels of income without any stock risk.

REKNegative Net Change SDPPositive Net Change SRSNegative Net Change DRVPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 ETFs That Were Most Loved by Investors Last Week

Last week, ETFs shed about $5.3 billion in capital, pushing year-to-date inflows to $388.7 billion.

VOOPositive Net Change TQQQPositive Net Change SHVPositive Net Change BILPositive Net Change JPSTNo Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Fearing a September Lull? Buy These 5 ETFs

September is historically the worst month of the year for stocks. Investors who are fearing a lull in the ongoing September, may find these ETFs safe.

UUPPositive Net Change XLYPositive Net Change SDYNegative Net Change SPYVPositive Net Change CALFNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

4 Sector ETFs to Bet Big on Decent U.S. Manufacturing Data

The ISM Manufacturing PMI was 52.8 in August of 2022, which beat market forecasts of 52.

XLKNegative Net Change XLINegative Net Change XTNNegative Net Change PBJNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Best Inverse/Leveraged ETFs of Last Week

Wall Street was downbeat last week with the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq Composite and the Russell 2000 losing in the range of 3% to 4%, respectively.

SRTYPositive Net Change TZANegative Net Change SOXSNegative Net Change SSGNegative Net Change TECSPositive Net Change YANGPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Oil ETFs Up on Surprise OPEC+ Output Cut

Oil prices increased considerably on Sep 5 as OPEC+ producers agreed a small oil output cut.

USOPositive Net Change DBOPositive Net Change OILPositive Net Change USLPositive Net Change OILUNegative Net Change OILKPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Best-Performing ETFs of Last Week

Wall Street was downbeat last week with key U.S. equity indexes losing massively.

BDRYPositive Net Change PFIXPositive Net Change SARKNegative Net Change TSLQNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Dividend & TIPS: 2 ETFs to Watch for Outsized Volume

SDY and TDTT have traded with massive trading volume yesterday.

QQQPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change DIAPositive Net Change SDYNegative Net Change TDTTNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

ETF Asset Report of August 2022: Bonds Win

In the month of August, bond ETFs gained maximum assets.

TLTNegative Net Change GLDNegative Net Change XLFPositive Net Change IEFNegative Net Change VTIPositive Net Change SDYNegative Net Change VOOPositive Net Change BNDNegative Net Change SPYDPositive Net Change IVVPositive Net Change VCSHPositive Net Change VGITNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Best-Performing ETFs of August Up At Least 15%

These ETFs gained at least 15% in the downbeat month of August.

TURPositive Net Change BALPositive Net Change MLPONegative Net Change PSILNo Net Change KSETPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

Higher Yields to Fuel Rally in These ETFs

The 10-year Treasury yields hit a two-month high of 3.26%, while 2-year yields jumped to a new 15-year high of 3.51%. Investors could tap the opportune moment of rising rates through ETFs that will benefit from higher yields.

UUPPositive Net Change KREPositive Net Change VCRNegative Net Change SHVPositive Net Change FLOTNo Net Change

Sweta Killa

4 ETFs to Ride on Busy Labor Day Weekend Travel

Travel during this Labor Day holiday weekend is expected to rebound to pre-pandemic levels and set new records.

AWAYNegative Net Change BEDZPositive Net Change CRUZNegative Net Change JRNYPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Fearing Stagflation? ETF Strategies to Win

The Fed will continue to hike rates to tame inflation. This may slower economic growth and result in stagflation.

XLPNegative Net Change XLVPositive Net Change PSPNegative Net Change KBWDNegative Net Change ALTYNo Net Change LKORNegative Net Change VWIDPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Play New Future Financial and Technology ETF (BPAY)

iShares recently launched a fund on financial and technology.

FINXPositive Net Change IPAYNegative Net Change ARKFPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

Time to Buy Currency-Hedged ETFs?

The strength in the greenback would compel investors to recycle their portfolios into the currency-hedged ETFs.

DXJPositive Net Change HEDJNegative Net Change HEFANo Net Change HEZUNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Why Low-Volatility ETFs Should Outperform in September

The three main indexes suffered their biggest monthly percentage declines in August since 2015. The weak trend is likely to continue given rising rates, recession fears, and the historical underperformance.

XMLVNegative Net Change XSLVNegative Net Change USMVPositive Net Change SPHDPositive Net Change SPLVNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Healthcare & Technology: 2 ETFs to Watch for Outsized Volume

IYH and PTF saw massive volumes in yesterday trading session.

QQQPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change DIAPositive Net Change IYHPositive Net Change PTFNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Top ETF Stories of August

Wall Street had a downbeat August with all major indexes posting losses.

USOPositive Net Change XLUPositive Net Change ICLNPositive Net Change JOPositive Net Change IDUPositive Net Change URNMPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Guide to Small-Cap Value ETF Investing (Revised)

The U.S. small-cap index the Russell 2000 has outperformed its bigger peer equity gauges by wide margin past month.

UUPPositive Net Change VTWVNegative Net Change SLYVNegative Net Change AVUVNegative Net Change SVALNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

75-Bp Rate Hike in September? ETFs to Play

Per CME group, there is 70.5% probabilities of a 75-bp rate hike in the September meeting while 29.5% probability is of a 50-bp rate hike.

FLOTNo Net Change PFFANegative Net Change PFIXPositive Net Change RRHPositive Net Change